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I’m back! I thought I’d share my thoughts on an agent I had an experience with recently:  Kelly Sonnack with Andrea Brown Lit. I got a positive response to a query I sent her back in September and traded three or four rounds of subsequent emails with her before I was ultimately rejected.

Ms. Sonnack was very polite. I can find no fault with the professional nature of her emails, as I could with other agents. She formatted all of her criticisms with “I like… but…,” the exact style I encourage wherever I can.

She did say one thing that got under my skin. She didn’t like the narrative choices I had made with my story, and at one point she expressed this in a way that made my writing sound like a mess that needed to be “put together.” That may simply say a lot about my sensitivity, though.

Overall, she was helpful. Based on her criticism and the concerns of a few other of my trusted critics, I began another rewrite. I reworked the narrative into a simpler if less compact form.

Another positive experience!

University of South Carolina Writers Club

It actually exists! When I got here and realized that there was no writers club listed under Student Organizations, I set out to create one…until I finally discovered its secret hidden location within Ink! Undergraduate English Association. Writers and critics of all majors are welcome to join in.

The Ink! critique group meets every Tuesday in the Humanities office building behind the Colloquium Cafe in Room 143, a lounge. That location will be changing soon.

Actual updates coming soon!

❤ Courtney



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