Reviews, rants, and tidbits from an overpassionate novelist


I recently google searched something and accidentally stumbled upon my own blog. I think it’s time to take it a little more seriously.

Allow me to reintroduce myself.

I am not, as I previously claimed on this page in great hope, a teen author determined to inspire. I am an overpassionate, overmotivated college junior determined to make you a GIFT BASKET. It will contain:

1. a painkiller more potent than vicodin
2. a few new friends
3. perhaps a new crush

4. the words to express things you need to say

5. fantasies

7. a metaphorical axe to the sea within you (Kafka)

8. news that stays news (Ezra Pound)

9. delight (Horace)

10. information (Horace)

11. entrancement

and last but not least
12. faith that there are many, many other people in the world like you, kindred spirits, companions waiting.

These are the things I find in books, and I would not be alive if I did not dedicate my life to creating such a monster.

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