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Chocolate for the Ears


I’m enjoying music today. I thought I’d share a handful of songs that soothe my soul every time I hear them:

Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down

The Reason by Hoobastank

Angel by Sarah McLachlan

It’s Not Over by Chris Daughtry

Stronger by Kanye West

The Phantom of the Opera – Original & Nightwish version

Angel Eyes by Jim Brickman

What songs are chocolate for your ears?

Word Count:  11,000

Partial Requests:  3

Dream Diary:  Water spout nightmares.


I was packing up to leave a relative’s house today, and I looked under the bed to find an old journal. I cannot believe I’ve seen it again. I thought I never would.

This is a journal that carried me through some of the hardest decisions and transitions I’ve yet faced. Some of the best and worst moments of my life.

I can hardly believe it. Just when I’d been thinking about it again too. Then again, I’m a little disappointed. I thought I’d left it in a hotel in Tennessee or it fell out of the car at some stop between Texas and South Carolina. I hoped I’d lost it so it could fall into the hands of someone who needed it. I was, after all, a detailing of a pretty spiritual journey; it was a prayer journal.

Turns out it just collected dust bunnies. Sigh. But I’m glad to have it back!


Everything in my life is colorful: like blaring rainbows. I’m eighteen, but I’m not growing up any too fast, I hate to say. And I’m not even gay. I’m not even male!

Here are a few examples:

1. My Incrediboy T-shirt. I have been known to walk around the mall as an advertisement for my friend Lee Clevenger, the author of the Incrediboy series. See below.

2. I have a Little Mermaid motif in my book, so I’ve got a little Ariel crazy lately. I have T-shirts. I was also given Little Mermaid stickers as a graduation present.

3. Okay, I might like Beauty and the Beast, too. And Aladdin. I listen to these soundtracks on a regular basis.

4. Fine, I just like old Disney movies.

5. The pigtails. I pull them off. I have to say. I become quite Moe.

6. I have an attraction to shiny things. But don’t all women? Haha. Maybe I actually have an attraction to cheap shiny things. That’s a little more concerning. I ❤ glowsticks.

7. I have a tendency to stick my tongue out in road rage.

8. I have a weakness for paint. And playing in it. And sometimes making a mess.

9. I love crazy socks! =D

So I challenge you:  explore your inner child. What do you do–or have the impulse to do–that may be considered by others to be slightly childish? Knowing may open doors to creativity.


I went to the bookstore yesterday on a high from the conference. Never a good idea. Then again, I may singlehandedly save the industry at the rate I’m going.

I’m kidding. What I actually did was sit down with a HUMONGOUS stack of magazines. Like:



Except not that neat.

I looked over the entire back wall of a Books-A-Million and picked up anything that looked interesting to me. I picked up crochet magazines because I used to love to crochet. I picked up wedding magazines because I’ve had some pretty cool wedding stories in my life. I looked over film review magazines because that’s something I want to learn how to do. I looked at horror magazines because that’s a little like fantasy–but, as I decided, not much.

I flipped through to see which one took fictions and checked out a few other sections that I might like to write for. Then I picked a handful that seemed like the best winners for me (and my budget):

Writer’s Journal
Realms of Fantasy
Writer’s Digest
American Girl (which I’ve already discovered does not take fiction submissions)

I also picked up Otaku USA because I’m also running an anime review blog under a persona.

The final think I bought was The Waters and the Wild by Francesca Lia Block. Four things to say about that:

1. I want Jennifer Heuer to do my jacket cover.
2. The synopsis of this book grabbed me…and then I discovered it didn’t do justice to the first chapter.
3. That name is too pretty to be real. It’s either a pseudonym or the lady’s parents are overpassionate.
4.  $17 is too much for that tiny hardback. I only bought it on a binge.

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